October Sky

This time last year, 2019, was a beautiful October day. Clear blue skies, mild with low humidity. Perfect Louisiana weather.Maybe there should be some consolation in that.There is not.Instead, that memory is tainted just like everything else. Weighed down with the heaviness of loss. How has a full year passed while, for me, time seems... Continue Reading →


I remember this night.Last year. The last night.Exhausted, I watched youBy the tv light.Easy jazz filling the quiet.I held your handand talked of nothing.Rocking incessantly in that blue chairThat barely fit betweenThe hospital bed and the largeHeavy armoire that wasPart of the bedroom setYou bought before we married.I remember how you disassembledThe superfluously ornateCrown piece... Continue Reading →

Things That Get Lost Along The Way

There’s a pile of pecky cypress boardsStacked haphazardly againstThe table saw work tableAnd welded metalCut to just the right sizeFashioned into perfectly square edges.Framework for a table.It was the last project his hands touched.Before his mind was too muddledToo confused for numbersAnd angles and craftsman tricks.Before his age continued on its decline,Counting backwardsFaster and faster... Continue Reading →

Leap Year

An extra day of agony,Forced actionsAnd fake smiles. An extra day of entropy,Self folding in upon itselfUntil day bleeds to night. Again. An extra day of quarantineFrom the virulent particlesInjecting death and cynicism. An extra day of griefTo remember and knowOf everything lost. An extra day of tediumTo walk the plankTowards a tomorrow of the... Continue Reading →


I’ve been pushed to the very edgeOf my own existence.To that spaceWhere nothing else mattersOr happensUntil I face myself.Where I fight my demonsAnd do the hard work ofGriefThat I have been avoiding.And it is in that space-On the edge of eternityWhere the long walk beginsAnd maybe, too,Where it ends.In self-discovery andBecoming.


I fell in love.Once.It wasn’t as I had expected.My attention was elsewhereSo it crept up on meAnd took me by surprise.As though I closed my eyes in one worldThen opened them in an unfamiliar realmWhere colors had feelingsAnd sounds could see. Too unfamiliarI didn’t know how to keep it.I squeezed too tightlyAnd stared too intentlyTrying... Continue Reading →

Sharp Edges

When life was blissfulIgnorant of the problems to come,The fires that would rage,And the ashes left behind.When problems were manyBut none with sharp edges.Laughter came easilyAnd joys were obvious. Cuts bled only a littleAnd healed quickly. I remember those timesAs a distant memoryShrouded by the haze of dreamsAnd constantly movingJust out of reach of cognition.Now... Continue Reading →

Pains of Mercy

When you lose someone you love,No one tells you about the FearOr the AnxietyOr the sheer TerrorOf each new dawning dayAnd the endless darkness of night.No one speaks of the uglinessOf a world without joyOr promiseOr hope.Your trials by fire to be wagedAlone with only memoriesTo sustain youAnd a dying ember ofWill to keep you... Continue Reading →

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